Due to our experience running a multitude of websites we have become adept at writing engaging content that improves UX while also always writing with an SEO focus. The company started from a writing background and so copywriting is the bread and butter of what we do here at Clu Online.

We have written engaging and fun content on Banters Grotto which enjoys a following among online users. While its primary demographic are young male adults we believe that it is always writing which is open to all readers.

With Betting Tip Stars it is all about getting the right information across in a succint way while also keeping the audience engaged. Our betting tips and advice for punters has helped us build a community of trust and returning readers.

Beat The Score Magazine tries to provide the sport news and opinion we all know and love, while also offering features that no one else is doing. We don’t do match reports or predictions. Instead we focus on offering a sports fan something they might not have thought they even wanted to know. We also think our writing gets across our passion for sport and why the whole BTS brand was started in the first place.